Surviving The Odds By Design

By Leona J. Howard

Major health issues and catastrophic illnesses can affect everyone at some point in their life. No matter what the setback, this book offers great insight into some of the hurdles you may need to overcome as well as those issues that you can no longer put off but need to deal with. There are tools in this book that will assist everyone faced with the various challenges in their health journey. Leona also recognized early on the deficiencies in the health care and fitness industries and hopes to bring change. A must-read as you embark on this uncertain journey.

About the Author

Leona J. Howard

Leona knew that when she retired, she wanted to enter into a field where she could help people. As she left her career in the legal field behind, she stepped into the fitness industry. Leona had a sister born with learning disabilities in addition to health issues and took on the role of caregiver. It was through this experience she learned firsthand the importance of helping individuals who had various health problems or disabilities. Then one day, her whole life changed when diagnosed with the first of three primary cancers. She became overwhelmed with fighting this disease, balancing her life with her husband, dealing with depression, continuing in her role as caregiver, and finding her relationship with God. She learned very quickly that life is full of uncertainties and that nothing was as it seemed. But she also found a new beginning she could have never envisioned.


Leona presents her struggle with three primary cancers in an easy-to-read, no-frills format. Whether you’re facing a serious illness like her, or dealing with a lesser medical issue, or just want to become your own best advocate for a healthy life, there is something here for everyone.

-Linda G.


This is an amazing story of courage, tenacity, toughness, and love. I consider this essential reading for both the patient and the caregiver.

– Carl D. Garrison, II, Ed. D.

When I read this heartfelt book, my feelings were on a roller coaster.  Never once did I lost interest in the author’s journey of how she handled cancer.  This is a must read!

Melanie Pokusa